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Effective Non-Profit Management by Prof, Shamima Ahmed

Prof, Shamima Ahmed is an academic who has taught at Northern Kentucky University.

She has written an excellent text, namely, ‘Effective Non-Profit Management – Context, Concepts & Competencies’, for students, as well as professionals, with an interest in non-profit management.

I have found the book to be quite comprehensive and it covers the essentials in a more than adequate way.

My thoughts

Although, the book has been primarily written for the American market but the concepts are by and large applicable universally

Each chapter concludes with a discussion of a recent issue and a case study. They include discussion questions, a listing of Web resources, and a review of terms at the end of each chapter.

The introductory chapter discusses non-profit organizations, their phenomenal growth, the different categories of non-profits, and the scope and significance of this sector. The second chapter focuses on explaining the linkages among non-profits, for-profits, and government organizations. The next couple of chapters provide a detailed discussion of essential non-profit law, non-profit governance, human resource management, resource acquisition and management, marketing, technology, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and effectiveness.

In an approach that balances theory and application, the book is a guide to the practical art of forming, managing, and leading non-profit organizations. Of particular interest is the idea of ‘Manager-Leader’.

I have personally found the text very helpful and so would students and practitioners of non-profit management.


June 5, 2019

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A comprehensive guide to the practical art of forming, managing, and leading non-profit organizations.